Extraordinary Women book
Have you ever looked at successful women and wondered how they got to where they are today? How did they overcome their challenges? How did they balance their home and work life? What were the light-bulb moments that changed everything for them? What do they know that could help you with your own journey?

Twelve women who have risen to the pinnacle of their professions share their inspirational stories in “Extraordinary Women” due for release on 24 May 2018. The book charts their progress on their way up to the top — sometimes overcoming challenges such as bullying, abuse or prejudice — and showing how they have dealt with crises and moments of self-doubt.

Publisher Stephanie Hale, of Powerhouse Publications, says: “This book has already changed my life in three momentous ways before it’s even published. I won’t share with you how as I don’t want to spoil the book. But be warned that this is powerful stuff: if you read it, you won’t be the same person when you finish. This book will help you get to “higher ground” in your career, your business, your finances and your relationships."

The book features women including:
  • Noel Janis-Norton - Founder and Director of ‘Calmer, Easier, Happier Parenting and Teaching’, who overcame self-doubt to become a speaker and best-selling author, sharing practical and effective strategies with parents and teachers.
  • Nicola Whiting - who was raised on a council estate and went on to become a multi-millionaire Chief Strategy Officer of Titania Ltd.
  • Hither Mann - who experienced a tough childhood and went on to become Founder/CEO of Fortune Academy.
  • Sarah McAllister - Director of The Feng Shui Agency Ltd, who originally struggled to have people take her profession seriously.
  • Geeta Sidhu-Robb - who became CEO/Director of Nosh Detox Ltd. after worries over her young son’s health.
  • Katie Godfrey - who left school aged 13 due to bullying and eventually became Director and Founder of KG Salon and KG Professional.
  • Tanya Mann Rennick - Secret CEO Coach and Founder of the Oyster Club, who originally built her business while at her daughter’s hospital bedside.
  • Gill Orsman - Creative Director/Owner of The Holistic Photographer, whose famous photos of flowers have appeared in homes all around the world.
  • Lisa Orme - Managing Director of Keys Mortgage, named by the Financial Times as one of the Top 25 financial advisers in the UK -- after her teachers predicted she’d never amount to much.
  • Bernadette Ana Bruckner - Founder, Health-in-All Mentoring, whose major aha moment came after she survived a car crash.
  • Louise K. Shaw - The Body Whisperer® , whose traumatic personal experiences led her to help people with the 3 D's: Death, Divorce, or a Diagnosis.
  • Laura Spoelstra - Founder of Egg Donor Matters and former Chief Executive of the National Sperm Bank, whose life changed after she became an egg donor.
These inspiring women come from all different walks of life and have achieved prominence in diverse professions. Yet they all have one thing in common: they have overcome major obstacles to get where they are today.

In "Extraordinary Women” they share tips, strategies and aha moments to help other women who want to achieve similar success.
“Extraordinary Women” is published by Powerhouse Publications on 24 May 2018,
priced £19.99, available on Amazon.
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