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Calmer, Easier, Happier Siblings
  • Are screens a constant source of friction in your home ?
  • Do you worry about how much time your children and teens are spending on their devices?
Parents are increasingly concerned about what their chil-dren are doing online, what types of sites they may be vis-iting, who they may be getting involved with, what influences they are being exposed to and what values they may be absorbing.
Join us for this Facebook Live and find out how to wean your children and teens off their screen dependency. You can get back in charge! Noël has the experience and expertise to help.
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Bringing Out the Best in Boys
  • Do you find your sons difficult to handle?
  • Worried about their behaviour or academic progress?
  • Concerned about boys who are glued to a screen?
Many boys find life at home and at school more difficult than girls do. Boys often find it harder to sit still, to concentrate, to understand other people’s feelings and are more easily frustrated. Boys also have many positive qualities that they often don’t get credit for: eg loyalty, energy, single-minded enthusiasm and physical courage.

Come join our friendly, interactive talk, and find out what boys need from their parents. As you become more aware of how to meet their needs, you can help your sons to become their best selves.
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Top Tips For Bringing Out
the Best in Boys video
Calmer, Easier, Happier Siblings
Help siblings to argue less and enjoy each other more.
  • Are you fed up with your children fighting?
  • Do you want to reduce sibling rivalry?
  • Would you like a calmer, easier, happier family life?
In this introductory talk you will learn practical and effective strategies that can transform the sibling relationships within your family. Bring all your questions and concerns; we have the expertise and experience to help!
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Calmer, Easier, Happier Siblings video
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